How Do I Apply For A Child Care License?


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How Do I Become A Certified CCDF Provider?

  • Cover Sheet (General Information)
  • Application for CCDF Provider
  • Comprehensive Background Check. Policies and Procedures.
  • Requirements
  • Provider Handbook
  • Federal and Local Regulations

Other Services For Providers

  • Shared Services
  • Provider Initiatives
  • Helpful Information and Resources
  • Providers (Guam/State/National Organizations)




Prugraman Pinilan: Child Care Assistance Program Support 2022 (CAPS 2022)

  • Click Here for more information on CAPS 2022 which provides up to $200,000 in grant
    funding for local employers and existing child care providers to support the opening of
    new child care facilities and/or expand to a new location.
  • CAPS 2022 Program Information

Prugraman Pinilan: Relative Care Program

Click Here for more information about this program.